Hello World, It’s Been Awhile

Twenty or so years ago I was writing semi-regularly for print magazines. I recall a memory from the Knightsbridge Inn, London.

Under heavy deadline pressure to complete two articles, the trip from California to London left me jet lagged and sleep deprived. Resolved to finish the pieces before a Chelsea dinner party the evening after next, I locked myself in the hotel room leaving instructions to have food and coffee brought every four hours. After two long days in a fugue state of writing my room reeked of stale espresso and decaying croissant bits, but the work got done.

Of the two pieces I wrote, one was fine, “fine” being a four letter word. The other, fabulous. So said many people besides my mother.

This blog is a ridiculous attempt to recapture the romance of those hotel room days. No deadlines or anything like that, but a pursuit of the intensity that comes from cranking out some good work on myriad topics of my choice in my voice. Which, by the way, I lost somewhere along the way these past few years. Rediscovery came via a slew of obsessively written love letters to someone I’m not sure I could live without.

Away we go.